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kodi & retrogaming

There are many ways to implement both Kodi and a retrogaming machine (RetroArch with EmulationStation) on your RPi.
The most common are:

  • OSMC with a EmulationStation launcher
  • RetroPie with a Kodi launcher
  • Recalbox with a Kodi launcher
  • a dual boot SD (OSMC, OpenElec, Recalbox, RetroPie, …)

There is no a ‘better’ one, you can choose what you do prefer =D. I actually am into the first one, and I’m going to explain how to do it.

1. install Kodi on the SD
2. open a terminal. Remember you can login locally with power button, select “exit”, press ESC on the splash screen or you have to enable the ssh service to login from remote (user:osmc / pwd: osmc).
3. download the retrosmc script from the mcobit repository github:

cd /home/osmc
chmod +x

4. launch it


5. choose “Install retrosmc” (disclaimer: it takes about 30 minutes or more!)
6. after all the setup, choose “Install Launcher Addon”
7. all you need is now under /home/osmc/RetroPie/ (roms folder, bios folder, …)

Now you can launch retrosmc within Kodi -> Programs

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