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Upgrade OwnClowd (from 7 to 8) on an OpenStack gear

When you mount your OwnCloud gear on OpenStack, you’ll have the version 7 installed.
If you don’t care of using the calendar and the contacts app (they’re still not compatible with OC8) you can follow this upgrade guide.

Create the app

In Openshift:

  • add a new application; they kindly offer a OwnCloud template =)
  • now you can login to your newly created cloud. One note: be sure to use an https address !

Upgrate to 8

Under the admin menu, there’s the Updater (with an “Open Update Center” -or similar- button). Before doing this you’ll need to disable the Calendar and the Contacts apps.

Restore from blank page (..if updated without disabling the apps)

If you made the update without disabling the apps, you’ll see a blank page on login, with a 500 Internal Server Error response.
Let’s go manually disable the apps:

  • ssh to your application
  • find your db user / db password (less app-root/data/php-config.php)
  • connect to mysql (mysql –user=oc_admin –password=******* owncloud)
  • disable the contacts app (update oc_appconfig set configvalue=’no’ where appid=’contacts’ and configkey=’enabled’;)
  • disable the calendar app (update oc_appconfig set configvalue=’no’ where appid=’calendar’ and configkey=’enabled’;)
  • exit; and close the ssh
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