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How to get the Drupal 7 posts from mysql

It’s snippet time!

I needed to quickly extract all the articles on a Drupal site.
Every article has its own taxonomy term on a custom dictionary (myDictionary) so I needed to extract which term every article is set up.
Here we go:

    FROM_UNIXTIME(N.created) as created
    , as t_name
    , as keyword
    , N.title
    , FM.uri AS image
    , B.body_value as body
    node N
    INNER JOIN node_type NT ON N.type = NT.type
    INNER JOIN taxonomy_index TI ON TI.nid = N.nid
    INNER JOIN taxonomy_term_data TTD ON TI.tid = TTD.tid
    INNER JOIN taxonomy_vocabulary TV ON TV.vid = TTD.vid
    INNER JOIN field_data_body B ON B.entity_id = N.nid AND B.entity_type = 'node'
    INNER JOIN file_usage FU ON = N.nid /* this is to get the images */
    INNER JOIN file_managed FM ON FU.fid = FM.fid /* this is to get the images */
WHERE = 'myDictionary'  /* this is to filter the needed dictionary  */
ORDER BY N.created

Drupal 7 ER schema

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