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jap: just another player

Recently I was writing an audio streamer over http in node.js and I needed an audio player to test all the stuff.
It all started as a test page for all that stuff. It was a long time that I was looking for a good audio player cross platform … I tested many players (some of them very good!) but none fits my requirements. Maybe it’s just my fault (too many requirements or too few desire to learn to use them) =)
Here’s born the “jap“!

The funny part is that the jap heavily depends on the jQueryUI theme framework, so you can easily switch theme using their Themeroller.

Here’s the result (released under the MIT license):

Everybody loves screenshots:

Custom theme running on Firefox (Kubuntu)


Theme “dot-luv” running on Chrome (Windows 7)


Theme “eggplant” running on Rekonq (Kubuntu)


Theme “redmond” running on IE9 (Windows 7)


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