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PXE tales

Thanks to Specter1981. This is just an updated version of his post.

Download needed files

Download CrunchBang Linux 11 “Waldorf”.
From the iso file extract the following into a “PXE” folder (see image below):


Download the pxelinux.0 file from the Debian Wheezy repositories. It is a modified version of syslinux. It is primarily a Linux loader capable of loading other operating systems. Put it into the “PXE” folder.

Finally create a “pxelinux.cfg” folder and create a text file named “default” into it. This is the content of the file:

DEFAULT CrunchBang
LABEL CrunchBang
  kernel vmlinuz
  append initrd=initrd.gz

The resulting folder will be:

Using your preferred method (‘dd’ copy, UnetbootIn, ..) prepare a CrunchBang USB pen (see here for details).

Setup the Client

Enable the Network Boot from BIOS as primary choice.
Connect the USB (CrunchBang) pen to the computer. The USB port will be automatically recognized during the install phase.

Setup the server (Win7)

Download and extract the “Tftpd32 (by Ph. Jounin)” server. I used the “tftpd64 standard edition (zip)” v4.50.

Add a rule to the Windows Firewall to allow TFTP incoming connections:
Start -> Administrative tools -> Windows firewall with advanced security-> Inbound rules -> TFTP allow (on any profile)

Configure the TFTP / DHCP server

Now connect the client with the server. I used a crossover network cable but a normal cable should works.

Configure and start the server:

Boot the client and enjoy your install!

Final note

I had one error during setup. It wasn’t able to configure the network…I skipped that step and everything was completed successfully (with working network :).

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