Retroarch ALSA audio over HDMI … working!

28 Feb

First we need to know where the HDMI output is on our hardware. Let’s use the aplay command:

aplay -l

This will return something like the following lines:

card 0 ... device 0: ... Analog ...
card 0 ... device 1: ... Digital ...
card 0 ... device 3: ... HDMI ...

In my hardware configuration I found that my integrated onboard audio card “0” uses the “3”rd device as HDMI out.

In my “retroarch.cfg” file I wrote the following (notice the mysterious “audio_device” parameter):


I noticed that the out rate parameter at 44100 is mandatory. With another values (i.e. 22100) the audio was not working.

The only issue is that when the emulator runs at < 100% the audio is glitchy. I can try disabling rewind: it seems emulation runs faster this way.
Some user reported that this problem doesn’t exist using SDL (not yet tried).

Some reference:


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2 responses to “Retroarch ALSA audio over HDMI … working!

  1. Niko

    2016/01/28 at 08:29

    hi i was trying to add shaders in retroarchconfig.cfg but after restarting my pi i get no sound in any emulator but audio is working in kodi and front end of Recalbox. what should i do now?

  2. pirraste

    2016/01/29 at 09:30

    I’m not a Recalbox user, did you tried “” ?


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